The Top Ten List of Easy Hymns for Beginning Hymn Players

The Top Ten List of Easy Hymns for Beginning Hymn Players

If you’re new to hymn playing, you may find that reading blocked hymnal-style chords is an adjustment from the other types of music that you’re used to.

Some hymns are simple and easy to learn, while others have more complex harmonies and intricate rhythms.

This is a list of easy hymns to help get you started on your hymn playing journey.

Important Note: The difficulty of some of these hymns might vary depending on which hymnal you use. Some of them will have the hymns in more challenging keys or with altered harmonies. This list is based on the version that is commonly found in most hymnals.

10. Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

This hymn is light and joyful, and the sixteenth notes in the third phrase add some rhythmic variety.

9. I Surrender All

This hymn is written with a soft, flowing melody. The movement in the bass and tenor lines contrasts nicely with the long notes in the soprano and alto during the refrain.

8. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

This classic hymn is simple but profound. A secondary leading-tone chord appears twice, once in the first phrase and once in the third, but since it uses only once accidental it is easy to play.

7. Jesus Loves Me

This hymn is especially popular with children. The eighth notes give the song more motion and the syncopation in the refrain adds some interest to an otherwise simple melody.

6. Amazing Grace

This is perhaps the best-known hymn in the English language. The melody is smooth and flowing and there is some nice contrary motion between the left and right hand during the eighth notes.

5. How Firm a Foundation

This beautiful hymn has simple chords, but the contrary motion between the hands makes it interesting to play.

4. O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing

This short hymn has straightforward chord progressions, but a time signature of 3/2 makes it quick and upbeat.

3. Nothing but the Blood

This gospel hymn has a consistent rhythm and a strong, almost march-like quality. The harmony consists entirely of I, IV, V, and V7 chords, making it one of the easiest hymns to learn.

2. My Faith Looks Up to Thee

This hymn has a beautiful melody. The second phrase is only two-measures long and contains a secondary dominant that is striking yet easy to play.

1. God Is So Good

This simple chorus has only two phrases, but the harmony in the second is made more colorful by a secondary dominant and a chromatic passing tone in the tenor line.

Which easy hymns do you enjoy playing? Leave a comment below!

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